Home saunas are the ultimate addition to go with as they allow you to relax and unwind after a tiring day without leaving the perimeter of your house. In case the indoor space doesn’t allow you to install an indoor sauna or you just have a lot of free space outside of the house, it’s best that you invest in an outdoor sauna. In the following, we will show you what are the best saunas for outdoor use of the moment in order to make your decision a lot easier, ensuring that your money will be spent on a quality product.

Top 5 Outdoor Saunas Comparison

1. Finlandia 4′ x 4′ with Roof Kit 2. NLCT 7′ x 7′ Barrel Kit 3. Almost Heaven Saunas AHCPY68RU Weston 4. Almost Heaven Saunas AHBRL66RU Pinnacle 5. Allwood Barrel #220-WHC


Brand Finlandia NLCT Almost Heaven Saunas Almost Heaven Saunas Allwood
Assembled Size (H x W x L) 8’6″ x 4’8″ x 4’8″ 85 11/16″ x 63″ x 83 1/16″ 77″ x 72″ x 96″ 77″ x 72″ x 72″ 84.6″ x 80″ x 86.6″
Interior Room Size (H x W x L) 6’4″ x 4′ x 4′ 84″ x 62″ x 72 3/4″ 71″ x 71″ x 75″ 71″ x 71″ x 64″ N/A
Weight N/A 350 Lbs 915 Lbs 715 Lbs 1500 Lbs
Capacity 2-Person 6-Person 6-Person 4-Person 4-Person
Heater 12″ x 9″ x 25″, Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel 6.0 kW, Stainless Surgical Steel Wood Fired 8.0 kW, 220V, 40 Amp, Finnish-Style, Stainless Steel 6.0 kW, 220V, 30 Amp, Finnish-Style, Stainless Steel Harvia M3 Wood Fired
Heater Stone Capacity 20 Lbs N/A N/A N/A 66 Lbs
Design Chalet Barrel Barrel Barrel Barrel
Construction 1″ x 4″ Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar Rustic Western Red Cedar Rustic Western Red Cedar 1 5/8″ Thick Nordic Spruce Wood
Door 24″-Wide, Douglas Fir Clear Glass Western Red Cedar Tempered Glass Tempered Glass 22.2″-Wide, Tinted Safety Glass


Lighting Wall Light with Birch Curved Shade Soft Interior LED Light Soft Interior LED Light
Heater Guard Wooden Guard Cedar Guard Western Cedar Guard Cedar Guard
Benches 2″ x 2″ Top with 3/8″ Spacing, 2″ x 4″ Facing N/A 2 -17″ x 18″ x 75″, 2 – 25″ x 18″ x 12″ 2 – 17″ x 18″ x 64″ 2
Vent Metal Grille&Vent Set for 4″ x 10″ Opening
Bucket Wooden with Plastic Liner
Thermometer Wooden, °F, 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ Size
Heater Timer 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour
Heater Delay Timer 1 – 8 Hours 1 – 8 Hours 1 – 8 Hours 1 – 8 Hours
Headrest 19 3/4″ x 14 5/8″ Western Red Cedar


Product Warranty 1 Year – Kit; 5 Years – Heater 5 Years Lifetime Lifetime 2 Years
Customer Support
Assembly Instructions

Important Info that You Should Know

Relaxing in the sauna is one of the best ways to spend your free time as you get to relieve all the stress that accumulates during the day, benefiting from other major advantages that it has to offer such as detoxifying your body, improving blood circulation, improving your cardiovascular health, and more. There are two main types of saunas out there, more precisely indoor and outdoor saunas.

Outdoor models might be generally more costly when compared to indoor models, but they are usually more spacious and they don’t take up any indoor space, which is a big plus for those who have unused space in their gardens but who have no free space left indoors. When you purchase an outdoor model, there is some assembly work required as these saunas come disassembled. Nonetheless, this isn’t a downfall or a thing that you should worry about as even the most unskilled people can put the sauna together in no time.

What makes us strongly say that it’s easy to assemble the outdoor model is the fact that all of them come with instruction manuals or sheets that provide step by step explanations of the entire process. What we do recommend is for you to not try to do the assembly on your own as the wood pieces are pretty heavy, so you will inevitably need another person’s help. In case you ever thought that the construction of the sauna might suffer damage due to the environmental conditions outdoors, take your mind off of this aspect due to the fact that the materials that it’s made from make it weather resistant. Overall, if you want to experience the ultimate relaxation, this is a purchase that you must make.

How to Make the Right Purchase

As we have already mentioned, an outdoor sauna is a considerable investment to make. Thus, it’s preferable for you to make sure that the model you invest in is of a good quality and that it comes with everything that you’re looking for and you need. In the following, we will show you what you have to look into when making such a purchase to ensure that your money will be spent wisely.

  • Check for the Sauna to Be as Spacious as You Need

  • The first aspect that you have to look into when making such a purchase is for the interior room to be as spacious as you need it to be. In case you’re looking for a small model, you can go with a 2-person sauna. If you are looking for a more roomy model, then you must invest in a 4-person or 6-person model, depending on your needs and preferences. This is an easy choice to make as you only have to take into consideration when you’re looking for and check to see what models fit this standard.

  • Make Sure that It Boasts a Quality Construction

  • The quality of the sauna’s construction is important as you will place it outdoors, meaning that it has to resist throughout the weather changes that occur all year long. Most outdoor models are made with high-quality materials, so there shouldn’t be any problems from this point of view. If you’re looking for a recommendation, we advise you to go for western red cedar as it’s the best type of wood for such a construction.

  • Look for the Useful Delay Timer Feature

  • Some models come with high-end heaters that allow users to delay the operation of the sauna in order to find it perfect for use when they arrive home from work or from a long shopping trip. We recommend that you look for this spec when purchasing the perfect model for you as this feature will make it a lot more convenient to operate the sauna.

  • Buy One that Comes with Useful Accessories

  • The more accessories the sauna comes with, the better as you won’t have to spend additional money to purchase these accessories yourself. As you can see, most of the models featured in our top come with useful accessories such as thermometers, hygrometers, and buckets, and we recommend that you invest in these models or similar ones to enjoy the perfect experience without having to make extra purchases.